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latest news:

14th of May
Livevisuals with Jazzoo/Oddjob at Espace Sorano, Vincennes, Paris, FRA

3rd of May
Installation and presentation of "Possible and Hardly possible moves" at Club Terrier/ Fylkingen

20th-21rd of April
Livevisuals to Jazzoo/Oddjob Théatre Eluard, Bezons, Paris, FRA

4th of April
Livevisuals with O-dense at Blinda Tigern Musikaliska, Stockholm

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Create Motion 123 is a production company founded and managed by Helene Berg.

My work consists of a vareity of different techniques and expressions within the field of Art and human communication.

I work with motion graphics, animation and interaction design and have a certain passion for loops and live visuals.











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