Minnesluckor av ljus


Loops of Light, Dupont Underground, Helene Berg

9th of December 2022 - 15th of January 2023

The loop rounds itself without hold.
The absence of a beginning and an end,
coupled with its seamless repetition,
creates a space where the attention may start to wander,
dissolve, and perhaps get stuck.

Minnesluckor av ljus/ Loops of light
The exhibition was displayed both indoors and through the two storefront windows at the artist-run gallery Candyland in Stockholm. One window showed a large advent calendar, where a new filmloop opened up each day. The other displayed a filmprogram of different musicvideos, animations for stage-sets and experiments.
Visitors could hear the sound of the films through small contact speakers attached to the window glasses.

The exhibition also featured a model of mapped projections from the performance "Hej vad heter du" and material from the project "Möjliga och knappt möjliga rörelser".

Minnesluckor av ljus was developed in collaboration with Nadja Ekman/Candyland.

Candyland, Helene Berg
Candyland, Helene Berg
Candyland, Helene Berg
Candyland, Helene Berg
Candyland, Helene Berg

Collection of films and composers:
Some films have music, others are silent.

Bubbla, Music: Johan Arrias/ Färgernas ljud, Music: Lise-Lotte Norelius/ Bohemia, Music: Montag Mania (Isabel de Lescano and Fredrik Blank)/ Transformer, Music: Leo Svensson Sander, Henrik Olsson, Johan Arrias/ Solvisa, Music: Thomas Backman Lisa Långbacka, Josefine Lindstrand, Leo Svensson Sander/ Genomlyst, Music: Anna Gustavsson/ Apan, Music: Amanda Nordelius, Simon Westerdahl/ Den Azerbajanska getens dröm, Music: Ewert Ekros/ A Man and his Umbrella, Music: Daniel Karlsson, Christian Spering, Fredrik Rundqvist/ Mary Jane, Music: Dieter Schöön/ Marks and Dots, Qoi, Music: Edgar Berg/ Bed-sitting, Music: Hiljan Bart.

Candyland, Helene Berg, Johan Arrias