Meschke, Aperto, Muybridge

Different installations

Meschke, Aperto, Muybridge
Fred & George, kaniner, Aperto, Helene Berg

Installation of different film programs displayed in the reception of the architecture firm Aperto in Stockholm. Among them, "Fred & George," two rabbits trying to share a dandelion leaf.

Productionyear: 2012-13

Antigone, Michael Meschke, Helene Berg

Michael Meschkes 100 ansikten
Animations of puppets for the touring exhibition "Michael Meschke's 100 Faces". Displayed in Stockholm, Berlin, and Patras.

Productionyear: 2005 (2012)

Michael Meschkes 100 ansikten, Stadsmuseet Helene Berg
Man in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge, Dansmuseet, Helene Berg

Man in Motion
Curator for the film program "After Muybridge," featuring films by various directors inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge.
Exhibited at the Museum for Performing and Visual Arts in Stockholm.

Productionyear: 2005

Man in motion, dansmuseet