Animation workshop

Stop Motion

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Animation workshop
To animate means "to bring to life" or "to give soul." The workshop provides an introduction to how one can create simple animations using stop motion.

Stop Motion
The stop motion technique involves taking one picture at a time and, in between, moving a character, an object, or oneself. When the pictures are played back as a film, the illusion of movement is created. An important aspect of working with animation is the timing or rhythm of a movement. How long does it take for the ball to bounce or a fish to swim by? By experimenting with different tempos and pauses, animated characters come to life.

Set up:
Based on a theme and chosen materials, the participants work in smaller groups to develop an idea for their film. They create what is needed, animate, and add sound to their films. At the end of the workshop, we watch the films together.

Material and technique:
Materials and structure are adapted to the participants. The workshop can also be conducted online. We use iPads and the Stop Motion Studio app.

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