Dansfilm workshop

Dansfilm, Helene Berg, Create Motion 123

Dancefilm workshop
Together with a dancer and a filmmaker, the students will explore different ways to combine dance and film.
In the workshop, we start from various cinematic concepts such as framing, tempo, and perspective, investigating how they can be translated into the body's movements. We use various film techniques such as pixilation, a stop-motion technique animating live movements through single-frame capture, or greenscreen, where participants dance in front of a solid-colored background that can later be replaced with a custom-created environment.

The dance film theme can advantageously be linked to a topic such as climate, biodiversity, or the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each class meets us during 3-4 workshops. (A gymnasium or auditorium is suitable as a venue). Between sessions, students create text and visual materials during class time. The filmed material is edited into a dance film that the class receives. The project has been carried out in collaboration with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and is described in the guide "Kreativitet på hållbar väg".

Kreativitet på hållbar väg, WWF
dansfilm, workshop, WWF  Helene Berg, Create Motion 123
dansfilm, Helene Berg, Sticklinge skola, WWF
workshop dansfilm, Helene Berg, Create Motion 123
dansfilm, WWF, Helene Berg, Create Motion 123