Greenscreen workshop

greenscreen workshop, Create Motion 123

Greenscreen workshop
In the workshop, we explore how green screen technology can be used to cinematically depict a text. Examples of themes used previously include: I have a dream, Fear and courage, Identity, My mission on Earth.

The project consists of three parts:
1. An initial inspiration meeting. 2. Students work on text and image materials during class time. 3. Green screen film workshop, where participants, in groups, depict their texts in front of a green screen, digitally replaced with the painted image.
The films are then edited and soundtracked.
The workshop concludes with a film screening.

Material and technique:
Ipads, stands and greenscreen.

Greenscreen, Helene Berg, Create Motion 123
Greenscreen, workshop, Helene Berg, Create Motion 123
greenscreen, Helene Berg, Waldemarsudde
greenscreen, Helene Berg, Create Motion 123